13 Stripes Brewery 

So my dad, his wife, my dude and I paddled the French Broad River with Headwaters Outfitters in Brevard to and from Oskar Blues.  Seems like anytime I kayak with virgin kayakers, they are always scared they’re going to fall out of the boat.  “Impossible”, I say.  Every time I say impossible, said person falls out of the boat.  What the hell?   So yeah, we lost one at the start of our trek.  Good times, and just a few bruises.  She does look like a river warrior though, doesn’t she?  

The next day we hit up 13 Stripes Brewery in Taylors, SC.   There is something so badass about going to a place like this.   It is located in the Southern Bleachery and Print Works which first opened back in 1924 and was in production until 1965.  It treated and dyed cotton and was closed for the next 50 years.   I didn’t get a chance to go around the immediate surrounding areas but it makes me think of Rocky Mount Mills where at one time an entire town was built around the mill to support the factory.   It looks a little run down with some broken windows here and there but it is coming alive with an artisan coffee roaster, art studios and a wedding venue.  Last, but definitely not least, it is the home of 13 Stripes Brewery.

The place is gorgeous and spacious.  There are tons of tables with seating.  It’s dog and kid friendly.  No televisions!   Talk to your neighbor!!!  Meet new friends!!  Two of the owners were there when we visited.  I would love to have been able to say hey and chat them up a bit.

Below:  The 13 Stripes.  A shout out to the Revolutionary War.

Although the bosses were busy with business stuff, I had my bartender to chat with. He was such a cool dude. He had a coffee background and asked me for tips on pouring beer.  Shit, he didn’t need any.  I can’t remember his first name but we did laugh at our names and where on earth they came from. (Thanks, ‘rents)  Seabrook was his middle name.   Super cool dude!!  I enjoyed talking with him very much.   That coffee-background-having guy knew his beer, for sure.

I thoroughly enjoyed their Rye IPA and their IPA.  Solid, delicious beers and great prices.

One of the coolest things about the place is that a ton of people gather together to partake in Hymns & Hops.  No lie.  Hymns and beer drinking!!!!   I checked out the hymn book.  Sadly I only recognized one song.  Heathen.  I was told the place gets PACKED when they do this!!!!   Now go brush up on your Hymns and beer drinking and go check it out!!!! They post the info on their Facebook page!

My only wish is that they had chick shirts, and purse hooks.  Had a hella great time here!  Looking forward to going again!!

PFP (Points for Pursehooks): 0  🙁