The Community Tap

The Community Tap

I got to check out some new-to-me beer spots in the Greenville, SC area recently. Our first stop was The Community Tap. I read some awesome reviews about TCT saying how great the place is. They had a really nice beer and wine bottle selection. I love nothing more than a fantastic selection of single bottles of beer on the shelves.  I always go for that instead of full 6-packs. Who wants a full 6 when you can mix and match and nab something awesome you’d normally not try!!  Your thoughts?

There were 19 great beers on tap. We only had one, though. We didn’t feel exactly welcome there. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t feel UNwelcome. Just not WELcome. Let’s talk about The Beer-Serving-Dude … No sir, not a friendly guy at all.  Maybe he was having a bad day, maybe he was too engrossed in the England/Scotland soccer game. Regardless, he wasn’t a very pleasant person. As a result, we were just one and done here and ready to go somewhere else.

How about that stable looking door? That was pretty awesome. I wanted to ask about it but nah. Didn’t want to pester anyone. So, if you know anything about it, it would be cool to learn something cool about it.  Fill me in, by all means!

There is always a bright side, am I right? They did have purse hooks.

PFP (Points for Purse Hooks): 10