Waiting Room

Waiting Room

She did offer up a Bud Light or a Miller Lite…..   

AB Bottle Co.

AB Bottle Co.

AB Bottle Co. just celebrated her first birthday last weekend. I never had a reason really to drive ALL the way to the beach but since I finally found out about AB early this year, we’ve driven the 45 minute trek several times because it is so worth it. The first time we went, a fella named Jesse was manning the bar. He told us the owner is actually his twin brother and he was just helping out for the day. The next time we visited, the owner, Jarrett was working. At first we couldn’t tell who was who. Was this the brother, or the other brother?? It’s pretty funny. But please, spare them the twin jokes and questions. It gets old. FAST.
The reason we even went back was because Jesse was just a down to earth, cool, dry sense of humor type of dude. Surely the brother would be too right? I mean, they are twins after all. (Oops, did I just drop a twin joke?)

The vibe is nice. It’s not ‘beachy’ by any means and I like that. The customers are so friendly, it’s ridiculous. It’s a bottle shop selling kick ass beers and really nice wines. There are 8 beers on tap and they’re good all the time. They just kicked a keg of Maine Beer Company Pale Ale recently. Nobody gets Maine Beer Company beer in these parts!!!! There isn’t one time I set foot in the place and didn’t have something from the taps that I didn’t like, or got to try something new. The taps are constantly changing, the bottles on the shelves are sold as singles. Nobody wants to experiment with 6-packs. Singles is the way to go. I watched soooo many people come and go with dozens of different types of beer this past weekend. What is on the shelves is also available for purchase from the cooler. Cold beer to go for the beach? Hell yeah! Not to mention the beach friendly wines they have–wine in cans, wine in those little Hi-C type containers—perfect for the beach and boat!!!

So NC has some weird laws when it comes to alcohol. One being that food must be sold in order for you to be able to sell wine. I told you this dude was good. Check out his food menu. Note that there is a gas station next door—in case he has to get something you ordered from the menu. Pure sarcasm. You gotta love it!!!

Vinyl is spun on the record player all day long, there is a TV, but it’s on mute so you’re able to chat up the stranger next to you who might just turn into a friend. I don’t think anything beats this though. Good reading material for when you’re taking a break from the sun and tired of seeing too many clothes on beach bods.  

You should check it out. Actually, I started to pour here on Saturdays, so you should come check me out too. I’m dying to meet you. So come down, have a beer while you’re waiting for your delicious pizza from Bella next door or stop at El’s Drive – In on your way to the beach–always ask whomever is working if they’d like you to pick them up a shrimp burger on the way—they love that!!!!  Take bridge. Buy beer.  That’s their motto. My favorite place at the beach!!!! Bet it will be yours, too.

PFP (Points for Pursehooks): 7 (only because there are only 5 and they are spaced so far apart. Jarrett told me he’d add more. When he does, we’ll bump him up to a 10.

 Visit: http://abbottleco.com

Mother Earth Brewing

Mother Earth Brewing

The first time I came here, the doors weren’t even open.  I think it was 6….7 years ago maybe??   The ex and I attended a few homebrew club meetings headed up by brewmaster Josh Brewer (I laughed too, when I found out that’s his real last name).  I even had the winning name for the club “Blue Marble”.   We went to a few meetings and I’m not sure if they fizzled out or what.  I do know, for a fact, the relationship between the ex and this girl fizzled out. 

It’s tough to try to write about a place you’ve visited all these years and take for granted because it is so close.  

I can get into their fantastic beers beers and their fantastic whisky and their fantastic gin (I can’t stand gin but this one?   I love this one!!) or the rad slide inside the brewery and even the Mother Earth Lodge (babe and I had the best night out when we stayed about a month ago-check it out!!!!!) but nah.  This time it’s about something totally different.  

This time it’s about Heather.   We came in one Sunday a year or so ago shortly after noon.  There was just a handful of people inside.  This tiny blonde girl is AWESOME.  She is so friendly and sweet and attentive, it was just nice sitting there chatting pretty much one on one, listening to her talk about her upcoming wedding and where we all hail from, and Mother Earth, etc…

I hate to say this. But one of the biggest reasons I love to come here is because of Heather. I can’t even tell you “that’s my girl”.  Hell, we’re not even like, friends.   We’re not Facebook friends… We don’t follow each other on Instagram….I don’t even know her last name.  So it’s not like that…. but it is like that.  She’s definitely one of my favorite beertenders.  When I come here and I see Heather behind the bar, it makes my trip that much better and even more worthwhile. 

Having said that, I’ve been here when it’s hella busy and she is no fucking joke.  Game ON.  No time for chit chat, she’s got customers and she won’t let anyone sit there without making sure they’re good.  A force to be reckoned with.  She knows most by name, and if she doesn’t, she knows them by last name.  (Credit cards are always helpful in this aspect). She is always courteous with a “Mr. or Ms. so-and-so, may I get you another beer?”   Girl is good.  GOOOOOOD!!!!

I popped in this evening and was  immediately handed a taster glass with Mother Earth Brewing’s Oatmeal IPA.  “Taste this and tell me what you think.”   I saw their post on Facebook yesterday and honestly wouldn’t have even asked for a sip of some oatmeal IPA.   I wound up with a pint.  Delicious.   Absofuckinglutely delicious.   Thank you, Heather, for doing that.   

I didn’t want to be a crazy stalker and sneak a picture of Heather to post.  That would be weird. You’ll just have to trust me and pay her a visit in person.  Tell her I sent you.  

You won’t regret the trip, the beers, the spirits, the slide, or the hospitality.  

To some, purse hooks aren’t a big deal.   

To me….. they are!!!

PFP (Points for Pursehooks):  9.               I’m only giving them a 9 because they are 4 feet apart and I had to share one.  As an only child… I don’t like to share.  🤣

Visit: http://www.motherearthbrewing.com/



13 Stripes Brewery 

So my dad, his wife, my dude and I paddled the French Broad River with Headwaters Outfitters in Brevard to and from Oskar Blues.  Seems like anytime I kayak with virgin kayakers, they are always scared they’re going to fall out of the boat.  “Impossible”, I say.  Every time I say impossible, said person falls out of the boat.  What the hell?   So yeah, we lost one at the start of our trek.  Good times, and just a few bruises.  She does look like a river warrior though, doesn’t she?  

The next day we hit up 13 Stripes Brewery in Taylors, SC.   There is something so badass about going to a place like this.   It is located in the Southern Bleachery and Print Works which first opened back in 1924 and was in production until 1965.  It treated and dyed cotton and was closed for the next 50 years.   I didn’t get a chance to go around the immediate surrounding areas but it makes me think of Rocky Mount Mills where at one time an entire town was built around the mill to support the factory.   It looks a little run down with some broken windows here and there but it is coming alive with an artisan coffee roaster, art studios and a wedding venue.  Last, but definitely not least, it is the home of 13 Stripes Brewery.

The place is gorgeous and spacious.  There are tons of tables with seating.  It’s dog and kid friendly.  No televisions!   Talk to your neighbor!!!  Meet new friends!!  Two of the owners were there when we visited.  I would love to have been able to say hey and chat them up a bit.

Below:  The 13 Stripes.  A shout out to the Revolutionary War.

Although the bosses were busy with business stuff, I had my bartender to chat with. He was such a cool dude. He had a coffee background and asked me for tips on pouring beer.  Shit, he didn’t need any.  I can’t remember his first name but we did laugh at our names and where on earth they came from. (Thanks, ‘rents)  Seabrook was his middle name.   Super cool dude!!  I enjoyed talking with him very much.   That coffee-background-having guy knew his beer, for sure.

I thoroughly enjoyed their Rye IPA and their IPA.  Solid, delicious beers and great prices.

One of the coolest things about the place is that a ton of people gather together to partake in Hymns & Hops.  No lie.  Hymns and beer drinking!!!!   I checked out the hymn book.  Sadly I only recognized one song.  Heathen.  I was told the place gets PACKED when they do this!!!!   Now go brush up on your Hymns and beer drinking and go check it out!!!! They post the info on their Facebook page!

My only wish is that they had chick shirts, and purse hooks.  Had a hella great time here!  Looking forward to going again!!

PFP (Points for Pursehooks): 0  🙁

Visit: http://www.13stripesbrewery.com/

The Community Tap

The Community Tap

I got to check out some new-to-me beer spots in the Greenville, SC area recently. Our first stop was The Community Tap. I read some awesome reviews about TCT saying how great the place is. They had a really nice beer and wine bottle selection. I love nothing more than a fantastic selection of single bottles of beer on the shelves.  I always go for that instead of full 6-packs. Who wants a full 6 when you can mix and match and nab something awesome you’d normally not try!!  Your thoughts?

There were 19 great beers on tap. We only had one, though. We didn’t feel exactly welcome there. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t feel UNwelcome. Just not WELcome. Let’s talk about The Beer-Serving-Dude … No sir, not a friendly guy at all.  Maybe he was having a bad day, maybe he was too engrossed in the England/Scotland soccer game. Regardless, he wasn’t a very pleasant person. As a result, we were just one and done here and ready to go somewhere else.

How about that stable looking door? That was pretty awesome. I wanted to ask about it but nah. Didn’t want to pester anyone. So, if you know anything about it, it would be cool to learn something cool about it.  Fill me in, by all means!

There is always a bright side, am I right? They did have purse hooks.

PFP (Points for Purse Hooks): 10

Visit: http://www.thecommunitytap.com/

UpCountry Brewing Company

UpCountry Brewing Company

Little did I realize I have already been to UpCountry Brewing Company when I settled in at the bar.   We parked in front of the outdoor area. It is sooooo inviting and warm with all the bright red umbrellas and tables!!!! The building is painted hella funky with Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and the like. Isn’t there something so welcoming about a “Brewery Open” sign out front just begging you to come inside?

Our tapstress, Brooke was super cool!!!! Ironically, she was traveling to our neck of the woods the following day to spend the week at Atlantic Beach. We had to let her know what hot spots to hit up!! (Insert shameless plug for AB Bottle Co and Goose Creek Growler Company). 

The beers were solid!!! With names like “Resting Bitter Face”?? Get outta here!!!! What a great name. My favorites were the Citra SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop) and the Blueberry Pancake Breakfast Stout. The Citra was on point. So… citrusy!! I had to order another. I was worried the stout was going to be too sweet or fruity but nope!!! It was perfect!!!   Nice, subtle hint of blueberry.

So we’re sitting there talking to Brooke and I ask when the joint opened. She told me that it actually used to be Altamont Brewing. OH MY GODDDD. It took me a minute. Altamont??? Finally the scene was all coming back to me. I went to Altamont about 3 years ago and had the worst beer I’ve ever had. I looked back at the outdoor seating and could barley see the drab spot I sat years ago dumping out the beers in my flight one at a time when no one was looking.  True story!!

Turns out the Terrapin Beer founder took over UpCountry. Happy to say this trip was so much more enjoyable. The change is so obvious with such a laid back atmosphere. 

There was so much delicious food on their menu to choose from!!! We ordered fish and chips with fries and they were amazing!!!! Use the vinegar!!! Anyone ever try the boiled peanut hummus? I’m kind of sad I didn’t order it, but that just means I need another trip west, no??

We enjoyed our time spent at UpCountry and the staff was killer!

PFP (Points For Purse Hooks): 10!! 😎

Visit https://upcountrybrewing.com

Tarboro Brewing Company 

Tarboro Brewing Company 

Beautiful foggy morning this past Saturday morning. Saw a rainbow amidst of all that fog while I was leaving the gym. Almost thought I was back in The Bay Area (but, not really). I had every intent of staying home all weekend.  Naturally beer always muddles my plans.  

Driving up I saw an interesting thing.  A minivan with its doors open. Like, all the way open.  Did he forget the kids or what?  I’m assuming they didn’t have air conditioning. I know the feeling.  I just bought a new car for that same reason. 

Where was My destination?   Decided to drive on up to Tarboro Brewing Company.  A fee weeks ago I had the pleasure of enjoying their IPA on tap at Queen Anne’s Revenge in Beaufort. 

It was their first birthday!  I was too early for the festivities, but a cool spot!   It’s located in an old Pontiac dealership that sat empty for around 25 years.  What a score!!!

My bartender was an NC State grad,  Tate.  I was by myself and he entertained me the whole time.  He had so much knowledge of the beers, the brewery operations.  He also gave me a lesson on how to harvest my corn growing in the backyard.  Hella interesting fella for being so young.   

I also had the pleasure of meeting Price.  Price makes some good beers.  

I sipped on Town Common Ale and some Seed Spitter, a watermelon gose.   Had to bring home a 6 of that!!!

There’s Tate!!!

PFP (Points For Purse Hooks):  Zero   😶