Cali Girl.  Beer Drinker.  Brewery Hopper. Certified Cicerone Beer Server.  HUGE Purse Hook Fan.

I have a love of craft beer and the industry.  I definitely don’t know it all, but I know what I like.  Been drinking average beer since the ripe age of 4 years old, craft beer since 2008.

This blog  covers “beer lacings”, brewery visits and maybe even a beer or product review.  Just my personal thoughts !! 

I started this blog because, frankly, I’m pretty sure 85% of my Facebook friends have either unfriended me, or unfollowed me because all I post about is beer (and gardening and cooking).

I love nothing more than going on beerventures and I’m pretty honest about what I encounter and experience. The good, the bad.  I understand people don’t always have great days. Hell, I have slung enough beer over the past 5 years to know that even your favorite regulars sometimes just get on your I don’t want to include more than one place per chat though. I don’t think it’s fair to the ones I really want to talk about. Sometimes the chats will be short with a couple of pictures, and what stood out.

No right or wrong, short and sweet.  Definitely not long winded.

Who has time for all that?  Pictures speak a thousand words is my thought.  No need to bore one with rambling on and on.  Plus, I’m no Beer- Ree Drummond (the only blog I’ve ever actually read and not just looked at pictures) and not trying to win any awards here!!

Almost like laying in the grass seeing images in the clouds when you were little. #beerlacings for repost–share your shots/thoughts!