Stable Craft Brewing          

Stable Craft Brewing          

I almost skipped this one on our trip to Charlottesville a couple of weeks ago.  I had it down on my brewery notes: “maybe, IF there is time”.  It was the furthest brewery from where we were staying and we had very little time, trying to cram in every brewery in the area, so that’s probably why.   I’m so glad I decided to drive out.  The drive itself was quaint with the rolling hills, silos and barns.  Don’t see too many silos and barns in San Francisco…. Below is a picture of a random barn on the way to the brewery.

Typical for me, I didn’t do much research on this place.  I hate to be swayed by someone’s opinions.  Good or bad, I like to form my own opinions and experience things for myself.  So many things can make an experience amazing, mediocre or shitty.  It’s difficult to write about a mediocre experience.  Easy to rave when one person or one thing makes your experience amazing and easy to bitch when the situation is crap.

In this circumstance, all was amazing.

We parked and I noticed a Clydesdale out in a pasture near the brewery.  I even got to pet him when we left (after asking whether or not he’d bite off an arm). He was beautiful!!!!  He was pretty excited to see me too.  Trust me on that one!!!  They have a nice outdoor bar along with volleyball nets and a huge fire pit with a lot of outdoor seating.

The inside of the brewery is really nice, warm and inviting.  It was cold, so two fireplaces were going, thawing everyone out.  Knowing what I know now, I would not have eaten before we visited.  I saw some of the dishes others were being served and really really wish I did my homework before coming!  The food looked amazing!!  We each ordered a flight.   My favorite was the Madriculous.   It was a Madriculously delicious IPA.

While we were enjoying our flight, I noticed behind us through the large glass that it looked like a long row of horse stables were facing each other.  No way.  At that moment, a gentleman came from the glass doors and I kind of “psst’d” at him and asked what was back there.  He said, “Stables!”  He stuck around for quite some time, talking to us about the brewery and what kind of horses they have, talked about the donkeys and the space.   Hella nice guy.  I finally asked him how he knew so much about the place.  Before the words could get out of my mouth I said “You’re the owner” at exactly the same time he said “I’m the owner.”  So, we had the privilege of meeting Craig Nargi, the owner whose nose wasn’t so high up in the air, and found time in what I’m sure was a super busy schedule to chat with us.  That was great and as far as I’m concerned, says a lot about not only him, but the entire staff.  I wish I got our bartender’s name.  He was attentive and super friendly.   He was busy and I wish we had time to shoot the shit with him. Every time we got started talking about the beers, he had to tend to customers.   Next time!!!

I began to follow Stable Craft Brewing on social media since we left the area.  The longer I’m away, the more I think this was my favorite brewery there.  This would totally be my hangout. I’d totally be a regular and I would totally be a favorite customer. 😉 Not only is this a working farm, a brewery, a gorgeous place to have a wedding, they recently had a Christmas cookie decorating day, they had horse drawn carriage rides throughout the property to celebrate the season, they have 4 suites that are available for next year to stay overnight in!!!   And god, the meals always look absolutely delicious and have a really small price tag on them.  Just go to their Facebook page and prepare to drool when you see the beer and food pictures they post.  Holy shit.   I’m going to take another trip to this area and I’m definitely going to spend a lot more time at this brewery.   Go check them out!

I was too busy enjoying the atmosphere and the beers to pay attention to purse hooks this time. We also sat at a table and not a bar so I can’t report on that! 😕

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