Shortway Brewing Co.

Shortway Brewing Co.

When you’re leaving my house and you‘re beach bound, there’s this little veer off the highway that takes you though what I guess you’d call downtown Newport, NC.  At the risk of sounding ignorant, I really don’t know if that is downtown or not, as I’ve ridden down this particular road twice in my life.  Once was on a poker run on the motorcyle, and once was when I actually went to the brewery for an interview when they were still in the building stages.

Make that three times.  We went last Friday, the day before their official grand opening.

What a quaint place they turned this building into!! You walk into a nice open space with a piano off to the left, picnic tables smartly lined up against the walls   Even smarter is the plexiglass toppings they have on the picnic tables for easy cleanup!!  The equipment is in an adjacent room off to the right when you enter, all shiny and sparkly.  Parked next to the equipment on that side is a kid area with a chalkboard and some toys and such.

Ahead is the bar with a couple of stools close to it.  I think these were reserved for the family though. Kids and grandparents were occupying those seats when we were there.  They had some really really good beers on tap when we went.  We both enjoyed a flight of Mill Pond Blonde, Croatan Pale, The Newporter and Fire Tower Red.  The blonde surprised me.  I think of blondes as boring and tasting all the same,  never anything to write home about.   I would go back just for their blonde!!  All of the beers were great. They are equipped with a crowler machine so you can take home some of your favorite suds in 32oz cans.

We went out back where they have a nice outdoor area.   Adults and kids alike were out there playing giant Jenga and cornhole.  The mural they have on the outside walls was painted all by locals of Newport scenes.  Make sure you check out the Chevrolet bench when you meander outside. Check with them when you head out—never know!! They might have a food truck out back feeding the crowd!!

When we were leaving, we had the chance to chat with former Marine, Matt Shortway, owner and brewer, about his beers and the establishment.  Super friendly people here.  Super good beers.  We will be going for our second time tomorrow to see if we can sip some of the IPA and the coffee stout people were raving about on social media last week.  They are releasing their Back Acres Brhubarb tomorrow!!!  Gotta give that a try!!!

Trust me, when you look up neighboorhood brewery in the dictionary, Shortway Brewing Co’s picture will be right next to a lovely description depicting family, friends and beer.  If a family friendly atmosphere is your thing, look no farther and come out and enjoy yourselves with some damn good beers.

PFP (Points For Pursehooks): 0  (there really isn’t a bar to sit at, so no hooks needed)

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