Have you ever walked into a bottle shop or brewery and felt like you were intruding or interrupting something?   

You know… it’s Monday, you’re at work and thinking about the weekend (this usually starts for me Sunday evenings) and scouring the web scoping out a new spot to check out.  Something a little ways away from the watering hole you typically go. You want something different.  You want to see different faces.  You just want to experience a new, exciting place, dammit!!  A place you’ve intentionally put on your map to get away from your typical, you-know-what-you’re-gonna-get-and-who-you’re-gonna-see Friday/Saturday night. You just wanna get outta town!!!!

Look, before I continue…..I don’t need to be entertained when I go have a beer.  And I think bartenders appreciate the fact that they don’t have to babysit me and talk to me the entire time I’m there.  Let’s make that perfectly clear.  But…..

There is nothing worse than looking forward to checking out an unfamiliar place only to walk in and the handful of regulars all turn around to see if they know who opened the door and the bartender looks at you like you just busted up their private party.   The regulars turn away, the bartender barely says hey, what’s up.   He or she pulls themselves away from their friends (at this point you assume they’re all best friends) reluctantly so they can deal with you. 

I HATE THAT!!!!!   

There are a couple of places within an hour/ two hours of me where that’s happened…  Where I’ve intentionally put them on my map and planned that little road trip to experience something fresh,  new, and nice.   I’ve gone back for seconds, thirds, even, and still had the same feeling like I should apologize for walking in the door.  


Culprit #1: Goldsboro Brew Works.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.   Probably the worst.  Three chances.  Won’t go back.  

Culprit #2:  Bake Bottle & Brew.  This one surprised me the most.   Rave reviews.  Personal friends who adore the place.   So… maybe my babe and I looked really weird to them the last time we went.  Three chances.   Won’t go back.  

Culprit #3: Gizmo Brew Works.   I joked with the bartender about pouring flights (they do kinda suck) and apparently it wasn’t cool with him.   You write down what you want, which is great and saves the bartender from waiting for you to decide what you want while other customers patiently wait their turn.  But I was literally thrown a pen to write with.  Yes. It was thrown.  A regular said he was having a bad day.   What’s that got to do with me?  One chance.  Definitely won’t go back.  

You might have had the best experiences at these places.  That’s awesome!!!   These are just mine.  Trust me.  I was there.     

I sling suds.   I’m not 100% in the mood to be pleasant or have a conversation or entertain you 100% of the time.  But you know what?   You walk in my shop and you’re going to feel like I want you there!!!   You’re going to feel like you’re 100% welcome.  You won’t walk in my shop and feel like I’m miserable you’re there.   Believe that!!!!

Have you experienced this anywhere you’ve gone?     If not, then shit.  Maybe something IS wrong with me.  (Doubt it, though)ūüėÄ

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