Check check. One two. Check 6!!!

Check check. One two. Check 6!!!

After entirely too many beers, a New Politics & 311 concert and getting lost (that would be me-again), we made the trek back to ENC from a beer-deprived Myrtle Beach.  Seriously, MB…. where’s all the good beer???   Don’t get me wrong.   We found beer there ’cause that’s what I do, but sheesh….  Need to step up your game, Myrtle. 

As usual, when traveling away from home, I want to squeeze in as many breweries or bottle shops I can along the way.  Check 6 was on the way!    

Dude.  Don’t miss the entrance into the plaza.   The road it’s on is ridic!!! At one point we had a near miss with a truck driving in our lane because clearly he was just as frustrated as we were missing turns and having to make a U-ee at the next light.   We did this at least 6 times.  When we landed in the Lowe’s parking lot, we finally got our shit together and managed to get to the brewery after one more U-turn.  God we laughed so damn hard.   Huge shout out to all of you who can laugh and not take things so seriously.  

We finally got to wet our whistles.  What a cool place.  Two of the three of us were hungover as hell (not me) and needed some Hair Of The Dogggg.   Perfect spot.  Poor new dude… it was his first day and he had to put up with our stupidity.   

The guys were so gracious though.  They even made us popcorn. Who doesn’t love some good ol’ salty popcorn with their beer?    We exchanged stories of sloppy popcorn eaters and how annoying they are.  Leave it to me to drop the first kernels on the floor, right?   

Lots of plane paraphernalia. This place reminded me a little of Aviator….except the beers were really really good!!!!!!  😉

I wish I got the names of the fellas working behind the bar.  Thanks guys!!!   Good dudes.  That Gee Bee Honey was on point!   Good enough that I needed a real pint after my flight. 

I would definitely make the two hour drive back to revisit for sure.   They’re on my radar now!!  You should definitely put them on your radar as well.  It’s worth it!   Just remember to pull into the plaza AFTER you pass Lowe’s!  

PFP (Points For Pursehooks): 10 🙂


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