AB Bottle Co.

AB Bottle Co.

AB Bottle Co. just celebrated her first birthday last weekend. I never had a reason really to drive ALL the way to the beach but since I finally found out about AB early this year, we’ve driven the 45 minute trek several times because it is so worth it. The first time we went, a fella named Jesse was manning the bar. He told us the owner is actually his twin brother and he was just helping out for the day. The next time we visited, the owner, Jarrett was working. At first we couldn’t tell who was who. Was this the brother, or the other brother?? It’s pretty funny. But please, spare them the twin jokes and questions. It gets old. FAST.
The reason we even went back was because Jesse was just a down to earth, cool, dry sense of humor type of dude. Surely the brother would be too right? I mean, they are twins after all. (Oops, did I just drop a twin joke?)

The vibe is nice. It’s not ‘beachy’ by any means and I like that. The customers are so friendly, it’s ridiculous. It’s a bottle shop selling kick ass beers and really nice wines. There are 8 beers on tap and they’re good all the time. They just kicked a keg of Maine Beer Company Pale Ale recently. Nobody gets Maine Beer Company beer in these parts!!!! There isn’t one time I set foot in the place and didn’t have something from the taps that I didn’t like, or got to try something new. The taps are constantly changing, the bottles on the shelves are sold as singles. Nobody wants to experiment with 6-packs. Singles is the way to go. I watched soooo many people come and go with dozens of different types of beer this past weekend. What is on the shelves is also available for purchase from the cooler. Cold beer to go for the beach? Hell yeah! Not to mention the beach friendly wines they have–wine in cans, wine in those little Hi-C type containers—perfect for the beach and boat!!!

So NC has some weird laws when it comes to alcohol. One being that food must be sold in order for you to be able to sell wine. I told you this dude was good. Check out his food menu. Note that there is a gas station next door—in case he has to get something you ordered from the menu. Pure sarcasm. You gotta love it!!!

Vinyl is spun on the record player all day long, there is a TV, but it’s on mute so you’re able to chat up the stranger next to you who might just turn into a friend. I don’t think anything beats this though. Good reading material for when you’re taking a break from the sun and tired of seeing too many clothes on beach bods.  

You should check it out. Actually, I started to pour here on Saturdays, so you should come check me out too. I’m dying to meet you. So come down, have a beer while you’re waiting for your delicious pizza from Bella next door or stop at El’s Drive – In on your way to the beach–always ask whomever is working if they’d like you to pick them up a shrimp burger on the way—they love that!!!!  Take bridge. Buy beer.  That’s their motto. My favorite place at the beach!!!! Bet it will be yours, too.

PFP (Points for Pursehooks): 7 (only because there are only 5 and they are spaced so far apart. Jarrett told me he’d add more. When he does, we’ll bump him up to a 10.

 Visit: http://abbottleco.com

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