Mother Earth Brewing

Mother Earth Brewing

The first time I came here, the doors weren’t even open.  I think it was 6….7 years ago maybe??   The ex and I attended a few homebrew club meetings headed up by brewmaster Josh Brewer (I laughed too, when I found out that’s his real last name).  I even had the winning name for the club “Blue Marble”.   We went to a few meetings and I’m not sure if they fizzled out or what.  I do know, for a fact, the relationship between the ex and this girl fizzled out. 

It’s tough to try to write about a place you’ve visited all these years and take for granted because it is so close.  

I can get into their fantastic beers beers and their fantastic whisky and their fantastic gin (I can’t stand gin but this one?   I love this one!!) or the rad slide inside the brewery and even the Mother Earth Lodge (babe and I had the best night out when we stayed about a month ago-check it out!!!!!) but nah.  This time it’s about something totally different.  

This time it’s about Heather.   We came in one Sunday a year or so ago shortly after noon.  There was just a handful of people inside.  This tiny blonde girl is AWESOME.  She is so friendly and sweet and attentive, it was just nice sitting there chatting pretty much one on one, listening to her talk about her upcoming wedding and where we all hail from, and Mother Earth, etc…

I hate to say this. But one of the biggest reasons I love to come here is because of Heather. I can’t even tell you “that’s my girl”.  Hell, we’re not even like, friends.   We’re not Facebook friends… We don’t follow each other on Instagram….I don’t even know her last name.  So it’s not like that…. but it is like that.  She’s definitely one of my favorite beertenders.  When I come here and I see Heather behind the bar, it makes my trip that much better and even more worthwhile. 

Having said that, I’ve been here when it’s hella busy and she is no fucking joke.  Game ON.  No time for chit chat, she’s got customers and she won’t let anyone sit there without making sure they’re good.  A force to be reckoned with.  She knows most by name, and if she doesn’t, she knows them by last name.  (Credit cards are always helpful in this aspect). She is always courteous with a “Mr. or Ms. so-and-so, may I get you another beer?”   Girl is good.  GOOOOOOD!!!!

I popped in this evening and was  immediately handed a taster glass with Mother Earth Brewing’s Oatmeal IPA.  “Taste this and tell me what you think.”   I saw their post on Facebook yesterday and honestly wouldn’t have even asked for a sip of some oatmeal IPA.   I wound up with a pint.  Delicious.   Absofuckinglutely delicious.   Thank you, Heather, for doing that.   

I didn’t want to be a crazy stalker and sneak a picture of Heather to post.  That would be weird. You’ll just have to trust me and pay her a visit in person.  Tell her I sent you.  

You won’t regret the trip, the beers, the spirits, the slide, or the hospitality.  

To some, purse hooks aren’t a big deal.   

To me….. they are!!!

PFP (Points for Pursehooks):  9.               I’m only giving them a 9 because they are 4 feet apart and I had to share one.  As an only child… I don’t like to share.  🤣


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