UpCountry Brewing Company

UpCountry Brewing Company

Little did I realize I have already been to UpCountry Brewing Company when I settled in at the bar.   We parked in front of the outdoor area. It is sooooo inviting and warm with all the bright red umbrellas and tables!!!! The building is painted hella funky with Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and the like. Isn’t there something so welcoming about a “Brewery Open” sign out front just begging you to come inside?

Our tapstress, Brooke was super cool!!!! Ironically, she was traveling to our neck of the woods the following day to spend the week at Atlantic Beach. We had to let her know what hot spots to hit up!! (Insert shameless plug for AB Bottle Co and Goose Creek Growler Company). 

The beers were solid!!! With names like “Resting Bitter Face”?? Get outta here!!!! What a great name. My favorites were the Citra SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop) and the Blueberry Pancake Breakfast Stout. The Citra was on point. So… citrusy!! I had to order another. I was worried the stout was going to be too sweet or fruity but nope!!! It was perfect!!!   Nice, subtle hint of blueberry.

So we’re sitting there talking to Brooke and I ask when the joint opened. She told me that it actually used to be Altamont Brewing. OH MY GODDDD. It took me a minute. Altamont??? Finally the scene was all coming back to me. I went to Altamont about 3 years ago and had the worst beer I’ve ever had. I looked back at the outdoor seating and could barley see the drab spot I sat years ago dumping out the beers in my flight one at a time when no one was looking.  True story!!

Turns out the Terrapin Beer founder took over UpCountry. Happy to say this trip was so much more enjoyable. The change is so obvious with such a laid back atmosphere. 

There was so much delicious food on their menu to choose from!!! We ordered fish and chips with fries and they were amazing!!!! Use the vinegar!!! Anyone ever try the boiled peanut hummus? I’m kind of sad I didn’t order it, but that just means I need another trip west, no??

We enjoyed our time spent at UpCountry and the staff was killer!

PFP (Points For Purse Hooks): 10!! 😎

Visit https://upcountrybrewing.com

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