Tarboro Brewing Company 

Tarboro Brewing Company 

Beautiful foggy morning this past Saturday morning. Saw a rainbow amidst of all that fog while I was leaving the gym. Almost thought I was back in The Bay Area (but, not really). I had every intent of staying home all weekend.  Naturally beer always muddles my plans.  

Driving up I saw an interesting thing.  A minivan with its doors open. Like, all the way open.  Did he forget the kids or what?  I’m assuming they didn’t have air conditioning. I know the feeling.  I just bought a new car for that same reason. 

Where was My destination?   Decided to drive on up to Tarboro Brewing Company.  A fee weeks ago I had the pleasure of enjoying their IPA on tap at Queen Anne’s Revenge in Beaufort. 

It was their first birthday!  I was too early for the festivities, but a cool spot!   It’s located in an old Pontiac dealership that sat empty for around 25 years.  What a score!!!

My bartender was an NC State grad,  Tate.  I was by myself and he entertained me the whole time.  He had so much knowledge of the beers, the brewery operations.  He also gave me a lesson on how to harvest my corn growing in the backyard.  Hella interesting fella for being so young.   

I also had the pleasure of meeting Price.  Price makes some good beers.  

I sipped on Town Common Ale and some Seed Spitter, a watermelon gose.   Had to bring home a 6 of that!!!

There’s Tate!!!

PFP (Points For Purse Hooks):  Zero   😶

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