How Long Can You Geek Out?

How Long Can You Geek Out?

I’m still recovering from last weekend’s Asheville stint.   (Yes, still-I’m old, shut up!! My calves look PHENOMENAL, by the way. As a Bay Area native living right on the coast of Eastern NC, those Asheville slopes are killers) 

I realized that after 10 years of going to beer festivals, like a minimum of 5/year, I’m actually kind of sick of them. Can you believe it? (I hung up pretzel necklaces after a jam packed, hot, sweaty-body filled festival in Durham years ago).
No better way to think you’re ending your beer festival-attending-career at Beer City Festival right?   

Anyhow, after Beer City Festival I literally sprinted over to Burial to get my hands on some Donut Skillet Stout. Never mind the fact that I went to the Burial tent for said beer around 15x. Hey…. I was too late for the pour topped/paired with a Vortex doughnut hole at the fest, so afterwards, I HAD to sprint!    

This chat isn’t exactly about how amazing the DSS is, or about my calves, or about the badass staff at Burial. Nor is it about me wrangling no fewer than three 4-packs back up the slope to my hotel while hitting up a couple of other breweries AND pizza along the way. (Hashtag Asheville Brewing:AKA pizza heaven)

This chat is about the picture I snagged hella fast before bum-rushing Burial. The picture I put very little thought into. The shot I glanced at real fast and said “Yep, take a picture super quick!!!”

I did. And then I disappeared inside.   I had to snag my Tom Selleck picture, after all . I ALWAYS get my Tom Selleck shot when I visit. I’m not even a big fan.   You will, too.  Fan, or not.  

So this picture I nabbed real quick…. I tossed it on Instagram. The next day I had a like on that picture from Brewtography Project. Have you EVER seen their pictures? They are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! And they liked mine??? B R E W T O G R A P H Y      P R O J E C T liked MY picture?????? Are you fucking kidding me????? It’s been almost a week and I’m still feeling sorta hella cocky cause BP liked my picture.   

How hella awesome is that????  

It’s HELLA awesome. Lemme tell you.   

I wish I stayed for all of Asheville Beer Week this go around, but I just couldn’t.  I know others are enjoying the entire Donut Skillet Series.   I’m living vicariously through you!!


#igotabigasshead. #sellecklove #brewtographyproject


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