Growler Howlers Riding Club

Growler Howlers Riding Club


So on July 2, 2016…. a group of us were sitting around at The Brown Pelican in new Bern, NC. One of our friends said they wanted to join a motorcycle club. We got to talking about the rules, prospecting, etc… Our now president, Daniel Hand, said forget that, let’s just start our own. We all laughed a little bit, not really thinking seriously about it but it was a great conversation piece among us friends. We started throwing around names. Of course, we’re all beer geeks so it had to have something to do with beer. Everybody threw out some names I wish I could remember all of them because there were some really funny ones and some really stupid ones. Someone came up with the idea of a growler in the moon with a drop of beer falling into a wolf’s mouth. We were all like yeah!!!!! Yeyeah!!!!

By the end of September, nobody had really talked about it again until one night were all chatting over beers at Brutopia and we were all like, “No really let’s do this.”

So, we, The Growler Howlers originated in North Carolina where we have a passion for the craft beer and the industry itself.
We decided that, unlike other motorcycle clubs/associations/riders and groups, that the Growler Howlers would be open internationally to any individual that wants to join and who has the same passion for beer as we do.
Unlike other groups there are no “chapters” that typically require you to have at least 5 members before becoming part of them. There also will not be probationary time frames when joining.
The concept is that at any given time you can be riding and visiting a craft beer establishment and create a bond with like minded people who wear the same cut as you.

We currently have 14 members, cumulatively ridden 15,000 miles. Between all of us, we’ve visited close to 200 breweries, and tasted almost 4,500 beers. We have ridden together to breweries in and out of the state, most of the time together, sometimes solo, or just a couple at a time. We’ve been to beer festivals, we’ve hung out right here, locally, in New Bern. We’ve made friends with other motorcycle clubs, created bonds, educated others about craft beer, been understanding when craft beer isn’t a priority… We get it. We’ve all been there.

We’ve built a plane together. A PLANE!!! It was both fun and stressful at the same time!! We launched said plane and watched it sail only a few feet. We groaned and at the same time laughed about it. Everything in moderation and good fun. Life.

We rode the Tail Of The Dragon together. We’re getting ready to do that again here, soon. Rain or shine, kids!!!

We have a lot of rides planned for the future. Hoping to meet new faces and getting out in the wide open road as much as possible!

Cheers, all!!!

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