Wilmington Brewing Company

Wilmington Brewing Company

I know Wilmington is putting their name on the beer map, but my absolute, very most favorite is Wilmington Brewing Company.

Maybe it’s the colors inside the place. The distressed painted stools?   The record player and all the vinyl?  The WBC El Camino in the yard  I mean COME ON!!!  The kickass beer holders in the bathrooms??

Maybe… just maybe …. it’s the beer!!!   As far as I’m concerned Port City’s best beer is right here!! Tropical Lightning IPA gets 5 stars in my book.

Every time I’ve been here, the guys behind the bar have been such friendly folks.  Attentive, talkative, they know their beer, and they do it without making you feel like a big ol’ dummy!

It’s so cool listening to jams on the record player.  You’re like whoa!!!   IS THAT A RECORD PLAYER??  And suddenly you’re wondering,  “Why in the hell doesn’t my man (or chick) cave have one of these????”  Then you’re wondering “Why aren’t I a pack rat?”, “Why aren’t I a hoarder?”  “Why didn’t I keep my record player??”  And then, seriously, you’re like… shopping for on online. No shit!!

The homebrew side is impressive.  Honestly, I’m always too busy enjoying my beer to hang out over there for very long.  I know that if I didn’t rely on others to make good beer, I would totally shop there.

I do have ONE gripe.  I wish their shirts were the super soft kind.  I didn’t notice chick shirts, but they do have the cutest onesies for babies.   My baby would so rock that.  If I had a baby.

I’ll drink to WBC.  You guys are hella dope.

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