Sierra Nevada 

Sierra Nevada 


Snagged a tour of Sierra Nevada at the very last minute due to some cancellations.

Lucky Day! Arrived at the immense, immaculate facility only to find out the reservations didn’t “take.” Womp, womp, womp …

The girls at the desk were totally cool (one was from California — of course she was cool) and didn’t shame us for somehow managing to screw up a simple reservation. They just smiled and cheerily said “No problem! We’ll get you on that tour.”

LUCKY DAY!!! (Again)

The place is insane. It’s absolutely gorgeous. If you don’t get chills when you take it all in … well, check your pulse, because something is wrong with you.

Your tour guide will introduce himself or herself to you over a glass of their Pale Ale. Yes, even on the 10 o’clock tour. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for breakfast! That’s what I’m talking about!!

The tour is thorough, informative, interesting as can be. Pretty sure my favorite part was the hops room. It’s cold in there, but it smells amazing.

I caught a glimpse (and a badass picture) of a couple of guys cleaning the copper words “Wort Receiver” on the floor.

There is so much detail, so much thought that goes into this free tour.

You finish up in a beautiful tasting room and get this: They pour you eight samples of beer. Eight samples!!! What???!!!

From the driveway entrance all the way to the bar in the restaurant, the outside area out back, the gift shop even, it is evident that everyone working there does it with utmost pride.

Even though I appreciate a brewery a little bit more low-key and grungy, I’d never pass up a chance to tour Sierra Nevada. Can’t wait to do it again.


One thought on “Sierra Nevada 

  1. Just wanted to comment on this real quick. I got to pour beer here for their first Beer Camp. The place wasn’t even finished being built. I also had an amazing 10-minute phone interview with them. I was going to pack up and GO! Sadly, 6 months later I received my “Thank you for your interest, but….” letter. 😭. No hard feelings, SN!


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