Growler Gaskets

Growler Gaskets


How many times have you road tripped and tried your hardest to bring home like, three growlers of beer you just HAD TO HAVE, knowing you’d have to suck them down ASAP. You know as well as I do that a standard growler with a standard cap never, ever, lasts very long. Sometimes I’ve opened growlers the next day only to find that the beer is already flat, even though they should keep fresh for at least a couple of days without having been opened.

Meaning that once you open it, you better suck those 5.33 glasses of beer down right now, or share. And this kid don’t share.

Even those sexy stainless ones have let me down more than once. You know how much those things cost? A LOT.

And the caps?

After a few uses, they’re all rusted or corroded, no matter how clean you try to keep them.

So, I branched out, left my comfort zone, did some research and bought a Growler Gasket. Mind you, I’m a cheap ass.

I spent a whopping $15 for a cap. For a CAP!!! For a cap for a growler!!!! My friends didn’t think I was very smart.

Let’s just say it’s the best $15 I’ve spent on beer drinking supplies. Now I’m REALLY miffed about spending $45 on a sexy stainless growler, oh, you have no idea.

This thing is freak’n RAD!! Let me start out by saying that this is MADE IN THE GOOD OLD USA!!! Right here!

Now I’m beyond stoked. They  claim your beer will be FRESH if unopened even twoweeks after purchase. Even though I was ready right then to down a growler of beer, I wanted to test this cap out. I had to see for myself if the advertising was true, or was it like going to let me down? I went to my local watering hole with some $5 growler, filled it with an IPA, capped it with this new cap and let it sit in my fridge. I did this on March 29. It was tough. Have you ever NOT wanted to bust open a growler full of slices of sunshine? I persevered! The goal was to open it exactly two weeks later. But April 12came and went. Ayyye .. I’m a busy girl. I totally forgot about it until April 16. That’s 2.5 weeks guys. I thought damn, I ruined the test, the beer is going to suck, I wasted BEER.

Who does that??? I certainly don’t.

I opened the growler … and that heavenly sound. You know the sound. The “Fresh Beer Now” sound?

That was a good sign!!!!

Then the pour. Great pour. Holy smokes. The beer poured perfectly. Great head retention. Perfect carbonation. Beer that tasted EXACTLY the way it did when I got it straight from the tap.

What? How? It was PERFECT. It was 2 and a half weeks later!!!!!!! I still can’t get over it.

I don’t get excited about much. But something that does what it says? WOW!

I had this growler for 4 days. Days 1-3 tasted just like day one. Day 4 was a different story. I will say, I know I didn’t tighten the cap like I did the other days. I really thought I was going to polish the rest of it off in the same setting. I’m willing to bet that if I were to tighten the cap, day 4 would have tasted just as amazing as day one. We’ll chalk that up to me not thinking. Hey, it happens.

A bonus (I mean fresh beer is the bonus here) but what is pretty cool too, is that they have these ‘medallions’ that you can use to kind of customize the top of your cap. They have several to choose check them out.

Definitely check them out.

Hang onto your cheap growlers, invest in a few of these and go scour the taps at your favorite drinking spots and take some home!!!!!!!

I can’t wait for my next road trip so I can fill several, knowing I’m good for the next couple of weeks. I might even consider a growler share at the house one day.

Doubt it. But maybe.

Give them a look – see at ​

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