Backstreet Pub

Backstreet Pub


Why have I never gone down to Beaufort with the intention of ONLY day drinking? Why did it take me this long?

Have YOU waited this long? Didn’t think so.

When I walked into The Backstreet Pub, my initial reaction was that it was a bit dark and gloomy, but I soon realized that was ALL Mother Nature’s fault — It was a grey, gloomy, rainy, cold day. Once the owner got that fireplace cranked up (with REAL kindling and REAL wood), it was splendid!!!! That place couldn’t get any more cozy if I begged it to. Being as it was once a 100-year-old bakery, the fireplace in the old oven is phenomenal!!!!

I asked about the bar and the mirror behind it but its origins were vague. They seemed so old and antique that I wish I knew the story behind them, because you can’t stop looking at them. The mirror is so distressed and the bar is beautifully scarred —  you’ll lose yourself wondering how many (and what sorts of) people have stood at this very bar and looked right back at themselves in this mirror. I’m certain Blackbeard himself has stood right there and had a handle or two of rum while staring into his very own soul.

(I have a pretty good imagination)

Take a trek up the spiral staircase and check out the library! Make sure you hold on as you go up and down, though, those steps are legit!!

One of the regulars said when they have bands up there, you can literally see the ceiling bouncing up and down while sitting at the bar downstairs.

The patio out back with the tree growing smack dab in the middle is as inviting as that fireplace was. Can’t wait to go back when the sun is shining and have beers with friends!!!

The only thing that matched the awesomeness of this place was seeing dolphins frolicking in Taylor Creek. Something tells me The Backstreet Pub won’t mind sharing the #1 spot.

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